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Welcome to The Lost Cause Universe wiki which we will focus on the Joey Lever and Heath Gleason Fan Film Universe. Here you will learn about the films,cast, directors, plot, and much more on the Universe. So thanks for exploring this wiki and welcome.

What is The Lost Cause Universe?Edit

The Lost Cause universe in a whole is a Universe set after the Events of our first Spiderman Feature "Lost cause". We name this the Lost Cause Universe which includes 3 films and 2 shorts as of now. For the minute we will never know how far this will go or how deep in the comics we will travel to. All we want for now is people to have fun and watch free Spider-man films whenever they want. These films are not meant to challenge the Hollywood films at all. These are just a few films made for our beloved hero, Spider-Man

SPIDER-MAN is a Marvel Property and we claim no rights over the character. We do not intend to make any money directly from this fan film. We are merely creating this project out of love for the character. 

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